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The Huple™ Fun Saucer is an indoor/outdoor pediatric tool for coordination, balance, and vestibular therapy for children. Enhancing babies and children's coordination is based on the premise that children become more alert and aware as they interact with their environments. By swinging, spinning and revolving the hemisphere in many directions, this stimulates the balance system with movement, spatial and hand-eye coordination. Children with brain injuries (such as tetraparesis), can benefit from regular stimulation of balance with changing intensity. Any child can use the Huple™ Fun Saucer, indoors or out! This fun tool is also a fun toy, making it ideal for any playground, daycare or school.

Children who benefit from self stimulation through rocking and swaying love the Huple™ Fun Saucer. The tough outer shell is easy to grip and is designed to last for years of use. Five rounded 'handles' are placed around the edge of the saucer, giving it more stability when on edge and giving children a handhold to use. As you can see from the images below, the Huple™ Fun Saucer can be used in the pool and is a great tool to enhance aquatic therapy. Never leave a child unattended if using in this fashion, as the Huple™ Fun Saucer is not a life saving flotation device. Weight 19lbs box is 29in x 29in x 14in.

US Pat.No. 8.105.220


Price: $599
+ $49 Shipping